Since receiving his Masters in Film and Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison/King’s College in 2013, Peter Marrack has been leading a new generation of bombastic contemporary painters in the Toronto art world. Marrack’s typically human-scale canvases carry traces of his background in visual media, offsetting the loud, raw power of his aggressive paint strokes with a playful sense of humor. His smaller works on paper show an intuitive use of material in a distilled yet assertive manner.

The large paintings facilitate the immense physicality within Marrack’s work, while leaving space for his keen sense of formal resolution. The frenetic and muscular heft of the work is balanced with a measured precision and a thoughtful integration of a number of art historical styles. Marrack’s big bold colour figuration complements his bold use of abstract mark making, embedding into the canvases what could be read as portraits, punch lines or poems.  He is constantly refining his visual and conceptual vocabulary, experimenting with sculptural surfaces and collage.

Only two years after completing his M.F.A., Marrack was featured in a two group shows at Jimmy Chiale’s 416 Gallery and Blank Canvas Gallery in Toronto. His work is in several private collections and is on permanent display at select locations. Marrack has been in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Toronto.